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 Best of Class GBA

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Vulcan Raven

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PostSubject: Best of Class GBA   Mon Apr 02, 2007 7:13 pm

Lord: Lyn > Hector. It's true. Hector gets annihilated by promoted magic users, and Lyn has amazing speed, luck, and skill, and average strength, resistance and defense. Hector has amazing strength and defense, that's about it.

Cavalier: Kent. Marcus I always find extremely useful, but gets beat out by Kent later on. Kent > Sain >>> Lowen. The only thing outstanding about Lowen is his HP and defense.

Archer/Nomad: I pick... Wil. =P He's better than Rebecca, who's an incredible pain to level up. Rath, I just don't see the point in, he leaves chapter 10 and comes back 12/13 chapters later *can't remember*, and they expect us to keep using him.

Cleric/Troubadour: Priscilla. Because of the pain of leveling up healers, I just have to say I prefer her because she starts at a higher level and with higher bases.

Monk: LUCIUS. Need I explain?

Pegasus Knights: Florina. A bit better than Fiora because of join time.

Thief: Matthew. Early join, he has an advantage over FE6 theives becuse he promotes.

Myrmidon: Joshua FTW! He's superior to Marisa, and I have no clue about FE6 ones, so.

Fighter: ...I don't like this class. XD No one stands out here except Ross maybe.

Knight: Oswin. It's a dead religion, but he still stands out.

Mercenary: Gerik. Has the ability to get bows if he wants even. Even though he's from Stones, Gerik > Raven = Harken.

Berserker: Ross. Great joining time, great potential.

Dancer/Bard: Not much choice here, so I'm going with Ninian/Nils because they're > Tethys.


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PostSubject: Re: Best of Class GBA   Mon Apr 02, 2007 7:22 pm

Lord:Ephram!! He's just a god like that.

Cavalier:Seth, definently Seth. He's the best Jeigan ever!

Archer/Nomad: I hate these classes, but I'll go with Rath because he's OK, I guess.

Cleric/Troubadour:Probably L'archel, but I can never get these guys to 20/20. I usually have them at something lame like 10/13 or something

Monk: Artur is really good, but Lucius is just better like that.

Pegasus Knights: Tana or Venessa since they aren't uber weak like the sisters of Rekka

Thief:Legult since he comes decently strong and stuff

Myrmidon: Joshua since he's got a good personality and he just pwns. Marisa is really close.

Fighter: They suck, but Ross is likely the best

Knight: Oswin, probably.

Mercenary: Gerik!! He's freaking good!

Berserker:They all suck, but Ross is the best.

Dancer/Bard: Ninian/Nills because they have those cool items.
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Best of Class GBA
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