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 Join the Desert Mercs

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PostSubject: Join the Desert Mercs   Thu Jan 04, 2007 7:35 pm

Hi there. I am Ya-sama, moderator of Clan Desert Mercs. The Desert Mercs are a clan of Mercenaries and Heros. If you join, I will make sure you have a great time in my Clan. To join go to the groups icon above the main page. When in the section, find the Desert Mercs and click on the join this group or click this. I will try to enlist you as soon as possible. I do not accept members that are rude and abusive. I will kick out members who are rude and abusive too.

We are men-for-hire. We get payed to do this. Simple as that. I say that's easy money. Heh heh. Get payed and do a job. We may be a rag-tag army, but that doesn't stop us from being the best! We aren't sneaky, who needs to be sneaky. We have power! Join me my fellow Heroes and Mercenaries! We are one! Like I say, we are a clan, and as a clan we are family! And families watch out for each other! So my friends, come and join the family!

Fill out your chacter's strengths, weaknesses, and profile in the character creation forum and get it approved. Then procede to join the family.

So with further ado, join my clan the Desert Mercs today and I'll make sure you have a fun time!
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Join the Desert Mercs
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